Multiroom Video?

Why Choose Multiroom Video?

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One of the first questions we are asked is …
Multiroom or Multi-room;
the answer is both.


That’s how helpful we like to be, solving the issues right off of the bat. It is a technology that is probably better described as Whole Home Video but then you wouldn’t be here if you googled that!



The principle is more than normal Digital TV which we know we all get through an aerial and a single cable to each room in the house. The problem is that the coax cable wont cut the mustard anymore.


Once you look at what you can push around your house you can understand why a more structured approach is needed now. Consider a system that lets you choose between – Sky TV, DVD, Digital TV, Bluray or CCTV etc.


The idea is to enjoy your video collection on any TV in your home, playing the films or shows you have accumulated, whether they are stored on your Sky box or on a VHS tape you can still make them part of your Video Juke box .


We understand you want to select and play the channel or film easily, so ‘an intuitive interface’ will allow you to do that. This can be as complex as you can stand, with features galore but the aim is to make sure you do it trouble free.


When you use a Multiroom system you can choose to designate what channel or film plays in what room but if you have your Saturday night movie night for the whole family be prepared for a few debates on what’s on first!

What Services?


Our team can help you with the design, installation and maintenance of a Multiroom System.

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • File transfer – VHS to MP4 etc.


Which Technology?

We can help you by installing the best equipment to suit your budget.

  • Multiple Sky Box solutions allowing His n Hers Channels and maybe one for the Kids?
  • True High Definition pictures to all TVs
  • Control the system from a Touchscreen, a Remote control or a Mobile device
  • Use multiple audio sources, Internet Streaming , iTunes, Stored Films or Bluray /DVDs


Where should you use it ?

Any room in the house including showers and bathrooms, gardens and outbuildings.

Wired or wireless? We think there is no judgement call to be made here we always advocate wiring if possible, you can still use if need be but streaming video eats into your bandwidth and the higher the definition the more bandwidth required. Also the future prospect of 4K TV will be virtually impossible
without a network wired TV.


Use your existing video gaming kit to save money as a video server Juke box or link your CCTV cameras to the set up so you can view them on a separate TV channel. Wire to as many rooms as possible even if you can’t see yourself using the system in that room maybe the next owner will and it is a great selling point.

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