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Why Choose a Home Cinema?

Home Cinema Systems installed by Decorum Technology Make better use of rarely used rooms within the home....

Quite simply the thought process is that a home cinema (or theater for the Americans amongst us) should provide us with a full blown ‘cinematic experience’.

You can choose to go the whole hog and build this into a dedicated room and include a sophisticated design where you can conduct a ’screening‘ to enhance the artistry of a director or be wowed by lush cinematography and soaring musical scores.


Home Cinema Systems installed by Decorum Technology A Home Cinema can become the heart of the family home


However you may simply want a large screen in the lounge to entertain the family with a new way of watching sports or play your favourite games in a new format (after all Halo with life size characters is the mutts).

You may find that adding a karaoke angle to the system can bring tuneless nerve jangling comedy to any party.

What Services?


Our team can help you with the design, installation and maintenance Home Cinema or Media Room System.

  • Free Survey and Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance


Decorum Technology are one of the few companies to provide a
Full Consultancy Service In–House; giving you a turn-key solution


Which Technology?


The Cinema experience is what you want when you sign up for one of these systems but you wont find it with an off the shelf box of goodies.

Home Cinema Installers, Leicestershire, North-West, Audio Visual, Decorum Technology A Home Cinema installation by Decorum Technology

The highest quality of both components and
set up is required to really bring the Cinema
experience to your home;
this is why you should call
Decorum Technology
instead of going to your high street.

You can make the installation of cables and speakers 'invisible' through clever design.

Create a combination room where a TV and a discrete retractable cinema screen sit together in harmony

We can help you by installing the best equipment to suit your budget.

Home Cinema, Leicestershire, Preston, Blackpool, Audio Visual, Decorum Technology A Subwoofer discretely enclosed within boxing


  • Projector and screen
  • High-Definition Large Screen LED / Plasma
  • Digital IP Connectivity
  • Combined remote controls
  • Cinema Seating or Acoustic treatments
  • Lighting Control for Mood setting


Where can you fit these?


  • Media room conversion to your existing Lounge or family room
  • Dedicated Cinema Room newly built or converted from an underused area
  • Garage Conversion often an ideal area away from the main house
  • Loft or Cellar Conversions can give you a great result for minimum outlay
  • Outdoors with a weatherproof screen


Don’t forget to integrate your existing technology!

We recommend connecting your gaming and audio systems to make the most of the available functions which you might not even know you had!

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