Multiroom Audio

Why Chooose Multiroom Audio?

One of the first questions we are asked is … Multiroom or Multi-room, the answer is both. That’s how helpful we like to be, solving the issues right off of the bat. It is a technology that is probably better described as Whole Home Audio but then you wouldn’t be here if you googled that!


So the idea is to enjoy your music in any location in your home, playing the music from any format you have to a level that suits you; discrete ambient background music to a performance level shakedown.


We cover the video aspects HERE on a separate page but the principles generally apply to both sound and vision.


A Key pointer here is that we understand you want to do this easily, ‘an intuitive interface’ will allow you to turn it on and up! This can be as complex as you can stand, with features galore but the aim is to make sure you do it trouble free.

When you use a Multiroom system you can choose to designate what music plays in what
room, this normally turns out where the parent / child debate on musical taste becomes a reality of dinner table conversation. As an added bonus if you are the parent you can set the maximum volume for each of the rooms; some debates just benefit from volume!


What Services?

Our team can help you with the design, installation and maintenance of a Multiroom System.

  • Design

  • Installation

  • Maintenance

  • File transfer – CD or Vinyl to MP3 etc.

Which Technology?

We can help you by installing the best equipment to suit your budget.

  • Deliver the sound through discrete ceiling speakers or eye catching wall speakers

  • Utilise speakers that are plastered in to the wall or ceiling making them invisible

  • Control the system form a Wall Plate, a Touchscreen, a Remote control or a Mobile device

  • Use multiple audio sources, Internet or FM Radio, iTunes, Stored MP3 Music or CDs


Where should you use it ?


Any room in the house including showers and bathrooms, gardens and outbuildings.

Wired or wireless? We think there is a judgement call to be made on each installation and it normally revolves around the size of the system or house and the exact expectations of our clients. We always advocate wiring if possible, you can still use wireless with a cable in your ceiling but the other way around is pretty tough! 

But don’t worry functionality is our key driver and we will make sure any advice we give comes with all of the options considered.


Use your existing audio kit to save money we have even utilised classic Juke Boxes and a Grand Piano as sources before, this will make sure any previous investment isn’t wasted money.

Wire to as many rooms as possible even if you cant see yourself using the system in
that room , once you get a taste for the system you will wish you had the option to extend it, oh and it makes parties really good if all rooms are playing your carefully chosen playlist!

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