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Why Choose Commercial Audio?


Do you remember the last time you were in a restaurant with great ambient music, adding to a melancholy mood or uplifting a special celebration... No I didn’t think so and neither should you! The whole point of doing Audio properly is that it enhances the experience you are having. Even if the night calls for a jacked up sound track to keep everyone on their toes, you still won’t get many takers for a system that is crushingly loud or irritatingly harsh and obtrusive.

So if you are in the business of providing the music for a venue, then do it well or forever shatter the peace!

Ideally you are going to provide the listeners with a distinctive and engaging experience probably without them realising (I Know it’s a thankless task).

Whether you are trying to provide back ground music, Announcement PA, Hearing Loops or Performance Music our philosophy is ‘Do it with Decorum’ ( Ah a bit corny, I know but it really is spot on ). Why not make sure you have us design the system to account for all of the Acoustic quirks of your scenario and be able to deliver the audio at just the right level and quality every time.

We understand you want to control this system easily too, ‘an intuitive interface’ will allow you to turn it on and up! This can be as complex as you can stand, with features galore but the aim is to make sure you do it trouble free.


What Services ?

Our team can help you with the design, installation and maintenance of an Audio System.

  • Design

  • Installation

  • Maintenance

Which Technology?

We can help you by installing the best equipment to suit your budget.

Why not consider an upgrade of your technology as a cost effective solution?

  • Public Address

  • Background Audio

  • Performance and Dance Floor Systems

  • Induction Loops

Where should you use it ?


  • Leisure . Bars, Restaurants & Clubs

  • Retail shops and Malls

  • Churches and Places of Worship

  • Sports Stadia

  • Conferencing in Offices and Hotels

If your system is being driven too hard it will produce a lot of heat, we find this has a knock on effect with other kit.

This heat can reduce the life of electronic components if it is designed badly or fitted without generous ventilation and easily bake your system into oblivion in half its normal life span. (Oh and it will sound bad to boot)

Voice reinforcement for presenters and video conferencing systems need good microphones. Without them you will forever be selling yourself short. The reason most people seem to miss this is the price of decent wireless microphones. If you can’t afford them, please for the sake of your listeners sanity use a good wired mic instead.

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