Why choose Pre-Wiring?


Maybe 25 years ago we could live with an aerial on the roof and a phone point in the hall, and you touched neither, never, not once (unless you were a bad kid). Because short of a hurricane nothing changed in the setup and we didn’t need it to either.

What about our world now? Multiple Sky Boxes High Speed Internet, On Demand Films and Gaming, Streaming YouTube ‘Fail’ videos at parties (Really? You should try it).

You are probably already forming the thought ‘What about Wireless’ in your mind right about now. Well we like wireless too after all its ‘Wire Less‘ but in practice and with almost no exceptions, Wired is cheaper , More efficient and Reliable and needs less setting up.

Also take a look at the future , oh that’s right neither can we , but what we can do is see how much bandwidth current technology is eating up and unless you want a high powered radio emitter on your roof you had better put that cable in to give you half a chance at being ‘Future Ready’ ( Forget Future Proof!)

The best option is to plan ahead, even if you hate all forms of technology the next people to buy your house wont, sure as eggs is low tech eggs. Then your small investment becomes a selling tool. Seriously we hear the tale of woe on a regular basis, for the sake of £250, it is like not bothering to plumb in your bathroom because you like cold baths.

Guide to Smart Home Wiring

Check out the new "Guide to Smart Home Wiring" video by Cedia


What Services?

Our team can help you with the design, installation and maintenance of a Pre Wired Future Ready Network

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance


Which Technology?


We can help you by installing the best equipment to suit your requirement.

  • Primary Rooms - Basic TV , Computer Network, Audio Cabling
  • Expand to Include Cabling for Further rooms and HD TV, CCTV Cameras etc.
  • Cable for Automation Options Lighting or Heating Control
  • Use the cable to set up Wi-Fi Extenders for maximum benefit


Where should you use it?


  • Data and Telephone Networks
  • Audio Visual Networks
  • Mood Lighting or Scene Setting
  • Heating and Ventilation Controls
  • Automated Controls 

If you are Self-Builder don’t miss out on adding features to your home that will keep your Home connected for the foreseeable future. If your budget wont stretch to it now just add the features you would love later, but put the cable in and save yourself the angst of chasing cables in and re-plastering

If you are a Developer, you cannot miss this opportunity to get a sales and marketing advantage on your competitors with a low cost design that will allow you to proudly crow about your ‘Future Ready Credentials’ and how you are bringing home technology in line with NHBC 10 year Buildmark for other trades making the house - The Future Ready Home etc. etc., Your Marketing bods will have a field day with it!

You can spend as little as £250 on a 4 bed property to give yourself a real fighting chance of insulating your home against the hot heat of technological advances.

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