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Take a look at some of our most recent Lighting installations;

Commercial Systems

 Commerical Lighting Control Systems can dramatically reduce costs and energy usage at the same time as assisting the day-to-day functionality of the building.

Commercial Lighting Control Systems are often designed/programmed to include the following functionality:

  • Automated Switching of lighting via PIR/MP Sensors (ensuring that, when an area is not in use, lights are switched off)

  • Automatic adjustment of light levels between dusk and dawn, compensating for reduced levels of natural light and aintaining an efficient, productive level of light at all times.

  • Exending the life of mandatory low energy fluorescent lighting using dimming technology.

  • Control of ALL lighting via Touchscreen/iPad/PC/etc from numerous locations (i.e. control rooms within Stadia switching floodlights/building lighting/external lights.

  • Emergency Lighting Testing

  • Integration of DMX/Effects/Stage lighting.


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Residential Systems

Many of our Residential Installations have been programmed to include the following functionality:

From Residential mood lighting/automation to Commercial Systems tasked with reducing energy usage/costs, Decorum can provide a lighting control system to meet your requirements.

  • Control of lighting via iPad/iPhone/Android/PC/etc

  • Remote Control of lighting (i.e. switching lights whilst away on holiday)

  • ALL-OFF button by Front Door/Bed to ensure all lights are off when leaving/sleeping

  • Link to Alarm System; eg. turning lights on to deter trespassers and wake residents when fire alarm sounded

  • Linking of lighting circuits (i.e. lighting a pathway to the bathroom in the middle of the night)

  • External lights linked to light-level, switching lights on at dusk/off at sunrise

  • Energy Saving lighting solutions (i.e. dimming of LED fittings)

From lighting designs to installation & programming, we can provide a lighting solution tailored to your needs.

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