Why choose CBus ?



This is pretty easy to sum up in a non-technical way and it is the main reason we use the system on our projects;

‘It is virtually bomb proof’, seriously, you could almost connect it with wet string and it would work.

Of all the control systems we have trialled and trained on CBus is our weapon of choice. Use it to control Lighting, Power or virtually any electrical device.

Some of the other aspects worth knowing are , It is incredibly flexible , it gives you excellent value for money (or bangs for your buck in Australia) and the equipment is incredibly robust.

Having used the kit for everything from single room solutions like Home cinemas or Conference rooms we have also created systems to control whole Football grounds (It is used to control Wembley!)

You can extend the system so simply, adding web access control or iPad Apps it can become a very powerful control tool for your home or workplace. It does need programming and design to make it happen but that’s what we are here for right?

What Services?

Our team can help you with the design, installation and maintenance of a CBus System

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Which Technology?

We can help you by installing the best equipment to suit your requirement.

  • Ambient Mood lighting – Dimming and Switching
  • Connect to Alarm Panels for an automated response ( Maybe Light an escape route )
  • Home Automation – Control your Heating or Blinds and Curtains
  • Energy Management – Light Harvesting or Occupancy Sensing
  • Scheduled or Timed Events – Fully Automated activities
  • Remote control from Mobile Devices or Web Browser
  • Sensor Controlled – Heat, Light, Movement even connect to a weather station.

Where should you use it?

Residential Solutions
Mood Lighting or Scene Setting
External Lighting and Water features
Heating and Ventilation Controls
Automated Controls

Commercial Solutions
Hotel Mood lighting
Conference AV Controls
Energy Management – Lighting and Power DALI , DSI, HVAC
Building wide Automation solutions

Top tips

How about a ‘Last Man out’ Button by your front door , hit it and turn all the lights off or even the gas supply to give you peace of mind. Similarly put one next to your bed, and then you know everything is off at night, no last minute angst!

Or have a holiday mode programmed to turn on lights and open curtains etc to simulate you are at home, oh and check on it for good measure from your Mobile phone, maybe make sure the heating is off!

Use a mixture of controls, simple Wall plates for Guest rooms with maybe a touchscreen for the areas you want to proudly show off your top tekkers?

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