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Residential Control Systems

Residential Control Systems cover a multitude of functionality. Here are just a few examples of what's possible:

  • With just one single remote, enjoy control over your TV, receiver, DVR, media player, CD changer or virtually any system in your home theater setup.

  • Enjoy your entire music collection from any room in the house.

  • Control most of the equipment in your smart home with a remote, touch screen, tablet, smart phone or computer.

  • As you're watching TV upstairs, the doorbell rings; the movie will pause so you can see a live video feed of who's at the front door, right from your TV

  • Monitor and control your smart home even when you're not there i.e. receive a text alert if your garage door is left open or be notified the minute your kids get home.

  • Ensure your home is secure using CCTV and smart locks, controllable from remote locations.

  • Be in total control of your energy usage; i.e. setting your thermostats to power on when you're home and power down when you're not.

  • With a One-touch "Party" button automatically dims the lights and starts the music for your dinner guests.


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Commercial Control Systems

Commercial Control Systems can assist in the efficient running of a building i.e. integrating energy management with efficient lighting control.

Energy Metering & Monitoring

To make the right energy decisions for any building you need to understand how it's performing. Modern energy management systems can do this, and much more. Whatever solution you choose, metering and monitoring are the essential first steps.

Our energy management solutions are designed specifically to enable the owners and operators of small to medium-sized buildings and facilities to:

  • Reduce their energy consumption

  • Lower their energy bills

  • Facilitate operation and maintenance

  • Reduce their carbon footprint

  • Communicate specific data on progress towards environmental goals.

They provide clear, detailed energy performance data in an easy-to-understand format, offer a user-friendly interface, ensure secure data transmission and storage, and are flexible enough to expand or upgrade.


Performance can be tracked by usage load, and users can configure green dashboards to set cost-reduction targets and monitor progress.

Metering equipment tracks energy use at the source and a data transmission system sends the information to a PC, tablet or mobile device in easy-to-understand graph or table format at whatever frequency is deemed appropriate by the user, either locally or remotely.


Benefits for facility managers, property managers, and building tenants:

  • Save on energy costs by reducing consumption and cost per kWh

  • Involve building occupants in energy-efficiency measures

  • Implement measures like demand control, peak shaving, and power-factor correction

  • Negotiate better utility contracts and eliminate billing errors

  • Improve and reduce the cost of operations and maintenance

  • Lower the carbon footprint

  • Achieve compliance with energy regulations and produce data for energy-efficiency certifications

  • Get advice from our energy management specialists


Benefits for property developers and owners:

  • Increase property value

  • Facilitate resale

  • Increase rental occupancy and yield

  • Go green and show it by communicating specific data

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